Saturday, December 7, 2013

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

We went to see the Holiday Train this past Saturday. It was the first year I had heard about it, so I was excited to hear that I hadn't missed a stop close to me. I missed it in Toronto, so we made the drive out to Hamilton, ON. Turns out that was a great choice because there was an ice carver, Tom Cochrane, and Great Big Sea as entertainment.

We actually left before Tom Cochrane to beat the crowds out and we wanted to get home at a reasonable hour. We watched Great Big Sea and they were fabulous. I really only took pictures with my iPhone because I was there to enjoy the event more than to photograph it. Honestly, with the crowd there it would be near impossible to get some great shots without heads in the way!

I wanted to share them, though. This is such a fun (and free!) thing and it has stops in Canada and the US. If it comes near you, it's worth checking out! Read more about it here.
Hamilton, ON
 ^ The night started with a beautiful sunset!
Hamilton, ON
 ^ The engine and front cars. All of the cars are decorated with lights and designs.
ice sculpture
 ^ The ice sculpture.
Great Big Sea
 ^ Great Big Sea are a group from Newfoundland. My favorite song of theirs is Ordinary Day. They master fun songs!
The holiday season is here and I love it!

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